Monday, September 11, 2006


I am going to stop writing in daily entries and start writing whenever I feel like it I know I haven't really done anything these last few days but that is because the humans have been staying at home but they are out of the house at this very moment. The young boy or should I say Tanner has been picking up my dog terds for the last few weeks. Hhahahhahahah that infidel anyways I also am starting to play with that little cat of Tanner's it is really fun I corner her then she does some really funny stuff and also the humans think I am retarded. Because today I rolled over for Tanner to scratch me but I rolled underneath his foot when he was walking but don't worry I pulled away just in the knick of time. Also I have been going to the gym in the backyard lately and when Tanner is weight lifting I go up there and start benching more than him hahahhah I yell "SPOT ME" you dumb human. Not really because as I know as a dog it comes out in little barks which are really annoying.

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anon said...

dexter you should not be thinking bad thoughts about your owners. they love you, don't they?